me & art4kidzz

My name is Audrey & art4kidzz is something I have wanted to do for a long time.

Story to date: I have an Honours Degree in Design & had worked in the design industry for 20 years with 2 internationally known companies. I had my daughter in 2006 & it was when I found it very difficult to explain ‘colic, 102 degree temps, asthma, snow closures, no babysitter etc. etc. that i knew a change was needed.  When I left my Design Manager job in 2009, I could finally concentrate on what I love best:…………….ART & KIDzz!

I will be studying for a Diploma in Montessouri in 2011/12 and  am on the Parent’s Association of my daughter’s school in D6W. I’m the joint Treasurer as of Sept 2011………!

The future is to combine Montessori (daytime) & art4kidzz (school holidays) to fulfill my dream!

I have one daughter and she is the inspiration for all I do. She is critical when it’s not always a good time and loving just at the right time! She spends all her time asking questions, working things out and being creative in a way that only young children can!

So, i decided to set-up this small ’art workshop 4 kidzz’, in my home, to nurture other children’s creativity too.

I hope your ‘kidzz’ can join me in the workshops which will be based around the ‘school is closed’ calender!



a quote i like…………

“The world today doesn't make sense, so why should I paint pictures that do?” Picasso
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